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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Nov 15, 2019


While we can't do the cooking for you, we have done some research for you to make your Thanksgiving run smoothly. Take a look below to see the most common Thanksgiving accidents and tips on how to prevent them. We want to make sure your time with family and friends goes uninterrupted.  

  • When traveling...
    • Be careful while driving, an estimated 50 million Americans are also going to be on the road this Thanksgiving day. 
    • Be wary about posting your "out of town" plans on social media.
    • Make sure that your alarm system is setup and ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your place.
    • Never drink and drive - Car ride services or apps are the way to go!
  • When cooking...
    • Be sure to have a fire extinguisher close by.
    • Do not leave the food unattended while cooking 
    • Keep an eye on children near sharp cooking utensils and hot stoves - also be sure to turn pan handles inward toward the stove
    • If you're cooking a turkey using a disposable aluminum pan, consider doubling up and using two pans to avoid a puncture, as dripping turkey juices can cause an oven fire.
  • When frying a turkey...
    • Use an outdoor fryer on a level surface - with no cover (i.e. do not fry in a garage or under a tent)
    • Defrost the turkey completely; the turkey should be dry before submerging into hot oil
    • Do not overfill the fryer with oil, this can cause a fire if oil spills over
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