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Pet safety in the heat of the Florida summer

Jun 12, 2017

The dog days of summer are not his best friend. Summertime can be fun, but our furry friends rely on us to stay safe and comfortable during those hot months. Keep your pooch nice and cool during the dog days of summer with these smart and simple ideas.

Don’t Sweat It

Animals don’t sweat like humans, as most of their sweat occurs through their feet. This makes fans ineffective for cooling off our pets, and a better option is to provide shade, a nice cool bath and many of our pets enjoy ice cubes in their water dishes.

Beat the Heat with a Treat

Did you know that dogs love popcicles? Not only can it cool them down, it can provide entertainment, too! Try this recipe for peanut butter pupcicles: it’s veterinarian approved!

Don’t Forget the Felines

Cats can get heatstroke, too. Make sure kitty has some cool, quiet spots to rest, especially if you have an outdoor cat. A hot water bottle can even be filled with cold water and left out for your feline to lie on.

Take it Easy

Your pet can overheat on a long run in the midday heat, just like you. Limit exercise to the early morning or evening hours, and be sure to provide lots of water to rehydrate.

Cars and Pets Don’t Mix

Lastly, it seems like a no-brainer, but it is important to never leave your pets in a car. Even if you think you will only be gone a minute and have left the car running, the temperature inside a car with cracked windows can reach up to 102 degrees in only 10 minutes! If you see an animal in a parked car, call the police or nearest animal shelter. If you want to go the extra mile, the Humane Society offers this printable Hot Car Flyer to help spread the word.

We wish you and your pets a safe and happy summer!

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