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Flood insurance: Are you covered under your homeowners’ policy?

by Sean Ryan on Jun 5, 2017

Florida, our beloved Sunshine State, is known for its miles of beaches, year-round tanning opportunities, Mickey Mouse, and alligators. But what most don’t know is Florida also is first in the nation for natural disasters, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and homeowners’ policies may only cover a small portion of the damage they can cause. 

Florida’s hurricane season begins June 1 each year, and keeps meteorologists guessing through November. And while most Florida residents probably can name their favorite meteorologist, many probably don’t know they aren’t covered for flooding under their home’s insurance coverage. The good news is flood insurance is affordable, and averages $450 per year. If you live in a Preferred Risk Zone, flood insurance can cost even less. (FEMA has determined several different levels of flood zones in the state, all with varying levels of risk.

The truth is: Everyone is at risk for flooding. Hurricanes and tropical storms can dump an unbelievable number inches of water on neighborhoods that are miles from Florida’s coasts.
Flood insurance is available for residences and businesses, and is a vital part of insuring property that’s valuable to you. Florida homeowners can purchase up to $250,000 in flood insurance coverage, and can purchase additional coverage for home contents. Business owners can purchase up to $500,000 in coverage, with additional coverage available for purchase to insure the contents. 

If you don’t have flood insurance and are considering it, don’t wait! There’s a nationally sanctioned 30-day waiting period before a policy becomes effective. 
Call Ryan Insurance & Financial today to learn more about purchasing flood insurance. It’s an essential supplement to your homeowner and business owners’ policies, and will help you not get washed away with losses the next time the rain falls hard. 

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